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Customs Clearance and Import Duty

1. What is Customs Clearance?

Our products ship from China, Hongkong. When the goods arrive customer's country, it will need to past your country's customs. 
Customs is a government agency responsible for regulating shipments entering a country or region. All shipments being sent to and from a country or region must clear customs first.
If our goods ship by singpost airmail, usually it is very easy to past customs and no need to do customs clearance.
If our goods ship by express, then may need you to do customs clearance when package arrive your country for the package release from customs and arrive you.

2. Who will be responsible for my import duty?

Import duty is what your country customs will charge you when your package passes through your country customs. It's always buyer's responsibilities to clear customs and pay the relevant custom duties.  Because we not familiar of every country's customs policy so we are unable to do this job. Also our shipping cost not include tax in it.

3. What will we do to reduce your import tax?

1) If you have specific requirement on declared value or how to declare the package, please leave us a note under your order or send us email about the detail, we will do as you said. If your country customs is strict, we will also inquiry you the amount you want us put on invoice.
2) If you not specify we will declare the package in a proper amount according to our sales experience. For some country like Swden, we will declare it as "gift" or "sample".
3) If you come from Brazil, please do remember give us your CPF number, it is very important. If you come from Italy, please also give us your VAT number if you have it. 

4. What will we do if your package encounter customs clearance issues ?
When you encounter customs clearance issues, we will supply you the shipping invoice which you have to supply to customs. At the same time, we also will contact China DHL to help you deal with such situation. You can also contact our customer service if you need any help.