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Ship from US Autel Tire Brake Examiner MaxiTPMS TBE200 Laser Tire Tread Depth and Brake Disc Wear 2 in 1 Tester Work with ITS600

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31cm*26.5cm*10.5cm     ( Inch: 12.2*10.43*4.13 )
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Product Description

Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200 is a laser (0.1 mm accuracy) tire tread depth and brake disc wear 2 in 1 examiner. Autel TBE200 is the upgraded version of TBE100 added scan DOT, tire expiration notice, tire recall lookup, take photos of tire wear and damage etc. With 1.65” Amoled super retina touchscreen, dual camera, real-time tire health/ uneven wear analysis, full tread measurement, supports almost all tire types, comprehensive test report
Autel Tire Brake Examiner MaxiTPMS TBE200 Laser Tire Tread Depth & Brake Disc Wear 2 in 1 Tester

Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200 (Tire Brake Examiner) brings tire and brake disc inspection into the modern age with quick and accurate (measuring accuracy of 0.1 mm) wear measurements. Measure tread depth/brake disc wear without removing wheels. It's a wand-like, laser-enabled device that scans tire and brake disc surfaces to determine the condition and need for service or replacement. The TBE200 provides wear analysis and displays the analysis and service recommendations on its 1.65-inch-high resolution Super Retina touchscreen AMOLED display. The full-color graphical display illustrates wear and provides service recommendations, including tire and brake disc replacement, tire rotation, and 4-wheel alignment.

Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200


1. 1.65" AMOLED super retina touchscreen
2. 1 Megapixel Macro Camera, 8 Megapixel Zoom Camera
3. Tire Tread Depth/ Brake Disc Wear Measurement
4. No Need To Remove The Wheel During Measurement
5. Laser Measurement with 0.1mm Accuracy
6. Real-Time Measurement Data on Touchscreen
7. Full Tread Measurement/ Quick Check
8. Measurement Data Curve Display/ Uneven Wear Analysis
9. Detailed Replacement & Maintenance Suggestions
10. Test Detail For Single Tire Tread/ Brake Disc
11. Tire Expiration Notice/ Tire Recall Lookup
12. Take Photos of Tire Wear & Damage
13. Calibration Plate Included
14. Compatible with Autel ITS600 To Get Comprehensive Test Report

Vehicle Coverage:

Covering 99% of tires in the market.
Autel maxitpms tire tread and brake disc wear examiner TBE200 (E) is compatible with 99% vehicle tires on the market including:

* All types of passenger cars
* Commercial vehicles (trucks, heavy trucks, buses)
* Off-road vehicles
* Motorcycle

With this distinguished laser tire health diagnosis tool, you can figure out all the questions about the tire and to ensure safe driving all the time.

Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200



Using laser technology, Autel intelligent automotive brake-disc tester TBE200 (E) analyzes the wear of the tires on vehicles with no need to remove the tires. Place the tool on the tire, and the tool projects a laser beam. The wear measurement is then sent to the display screen with an accuracy within 0.1mm. Testing Measurements are also displayed graphically.

*Single Check:
Measures the wear of each tire on the vehicle by examining the tread depth in the center area of the tire only, provides one
measurement for each tire.

* All Tread Check:
Examines your tire wear in three separate areas (outer, center, and inner) for a more comprehensive analysis.

Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200

The Following Three Tire-Related Sections are Provided in All Check Modes:

* Tire Condition: displays tire status, including normal, worn, bulge, etc.
* Tire DOT: scan or manually enter the tire DOT serial number located on the sidewall to acquire basic tire characteristics such as tire recall (American region only) and tire age.
* Tire Specification: view a series of options and manually enter tire information, including brand, tire model, size, structure type code, etc.

Autel laser-enabled tool MaxiTPMS TBE200 examines brake disc wear quickly and accurately. You can examine the wear status of a brake disc without removing tires. Measurements are also displayed graphically. The Brake Disc function not only provides brake disc wear measurements, but also offers analysis to ensure driving safety.

OR, if the specific tire is confirmed defective, you can click "Quick Check", this will allow you to measure the tires and brake discs in one session for a comprehensive analysis of both tire and brake disc wear.

Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200


1) Tire tread depth & brake disc wear check in one tool, no need to remove the wheel during measurement
2) Laser measurement with 0.1mm accuracy
3) Full tread measurement
4) Quick Check both tread depth & brake disc

3. Real-Time Tire Health Analysis

Unlike other simple and basic tire test tool with only rough and inaccurate tester results, Autel MaxiTPMS TPMS and Tire Service Tool TBE200 (E) is proved to be an advanced tire tread examiner with detailed measurements and maintenance tips.

1) Real-Time Measurement Data on Touchscreen
2) Measurement data curve display
3) Uneven wear analysis
4) Test detail for single tire tread / brake disc
5) Detailed replacement & maintenance suggestions (tire/ brake disc replacement, tire rotation /alignment servicing)
6) Scan DOT, tire expiration notice, tire recall lookup
7) Take photos of tire wear & damage
8) Working with Autel TPMS Relearn Tool ITS600, Autel TBE200 can get the most comprehensive Test Reports and professional tire maintenance tips for almost all the tires on the market.

Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200

Easy to Use-Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200, A Good Helper for Your Vehicle Tire
Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200 one-button operation, easy to use.

STEP 1: Long press the power button to turn on the tool.
STEP 2: Perform Tire Tread Check: On the Main Job screen, tap the Tread Check icon, and place the tool on the tire surface. Short press the power button. Ensure the laser line is perpendicular to the channels of the tire. The screen will display real-time measurement data, slide left to view details.
STEP 3: Possible Results for Measurements: Wear status is represented by icon color: A gray icon indicates the tire is untested; green indicates the tire is in good condition; yellow indicates a replacement is recommended; red indicates immediate replacement is recommended.
STEP4: Calibration: On the Main Job screen, tap the Calibration icon, and place the magnetic head on the calibration table. Press the power button to start. Wait for 1-2 minutes until calibration is complete.

Calibration frequency: Calibration is recommended every two months. Immediate calibration should be performed if deviations are detected or if the tool is dropped or in some manner mishandled.

Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200

MaxiTPMS TBE200 vs TBE100
Comparison MaxiTPMS TBE200 MaxiTPMS TBE100
Tire tread depth/ brake disc wear measurement
No need to remove the wheel during measurement
Laser measurement
Measurement accuracy 0.1mm 0.1mm
Real-time measurement data on touchscreen
Measurement data curve display
Full tread measurement
Uneven wear analysis
Replacement & Maintenance suggestions:
Tire replacement, brake disc replacement, tire rotation, four tire alignment
Quick Check
Test detail for single tire tread / brake disc
Comprehensive Test Report with TPMS  (When used with ITS600)  (When used with ITS600)
Scan DOT  
Tire expiration notice  
Tire recall lookup  
Take photos of tire wear and damage  
Compatible with Passenger cars, off-roads, commercial vehicles
Screen 1.65”AMOLED super retina touchscreen 1.65”AMOLED touchscreen
Camera 1 Megapixel, 4cm macro camera; 8 Megapixel 10cm zoomable camera 1 Megapixel, 4cm macro camera
Vibration reminder
Flash / RAM 4GB/1GB 4GB/1GB
Lithium-ion Battery 3000mAh 1300mAh

Recommended Use Indoor
Processor 4x ARM Cortex-A35 (1.5 GHz)
Display 1.65-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 348×442 resolution
Connectivity • Wi-Fi
• USB 2.0, Type C
Camera CMOS WXGA, 1 megapixel & 8 megapixel, 30fps
Audio output Output: Beep
Power and Battery • 3.7 V/3000 mAh 18650 lithium-ion battery
• Charges via 5 V AC/DC power supply
Tested Battery Life Around 8 hours of continuous use
Battery Charging Input 5 V/1.5 A
Power Consumption 300 mA (AMOLED on with default brightness) @3.7 V
Operating Temp. -10 to 45°C(14 to 113°F)
Storage Temp. -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)

Package List:

1pc x Main unit
1pc x Calibration table
1pc x Power adapter
1pc x Type C USB cable
1pc x Quick reference Guide
1pc x Carrying Case

Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO II

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