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[Ship from US] Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox Home 40A EV Charger with Separate Holster (NEMA 14-50) Compatible with all EV & Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

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Product Description

Your home is your sanctuary. It is your safe space for comfort and ease, and should be tailored to your exact needs. With the Autel Residential MaxiCharger collection, charging your EV is so easy and convenient that you can plug in and enjoy the relaxation of your space knowing that Autel is taking care of your energy use. Combining easy installation, effortless management, and an App to control it all from your smartphone, your Autel MaxiCharger will integrate perfectly into your home
Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox Home 40A EV Charger with Separate Holster (NEMA 14-50)

The MaxiCharger Home 40A AC Plug-In Wallbox EV Charger is a 240V-40 Amp Level 2 Smart Charger compatible with all EV and Hybrid Plug-in vehicles. It features a sleek contemporary design in dark gray and is installable indoors or outdoors. The MaxiCharger Home 40A offers adjustable charging up to 40 Amps and features a 25ft long Universal (J1772) Charging Cable, NEMA 14-50 plug, and a separate holster and cable management unit.


1. Adjustable Charging up to 40 Amps
2. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, CAN and RS485 Connectivity
3. Compatible with all EV and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
4. Contemporary Design, Dark Gray
5. Separate holster and cable management
6. Autel Charge App enables remote start, stop, monitoring and scheduling
7. Specially designed for Indoor or Outdoor use
8. Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Ethernet / CAN / RS485 connectivity
9. Recommended hardwire for outdoor installation

What Autel MaxiCharger AC Brings to You?

1) Safe
Through Autel's industry-leading battery management system and built-in safety features, our EV chargers ensure your charging environment is safe and secured.

2) Convenient
Say goodbye to the long waiting lines and high charging costs of public EV chargers, and charge your EV at home. MaxiCharger offers different products tailored to single homes, condos, and apartment buildings. 

3) Intelligent
You can control your MaxiCharger remotely by using our easy MaxiCharge App anywhere, anytime. Scheduling, notifications, and charging history features make charging smart and simple. 

What Can Autel MaxiCharger Do for You?

1. Smart Charging from Your Smartphone

Charging your electric vehicle is even easier than filling a gas tank. Now, with the MaxiCharge app, monitoring your charging process is quicker and more convenient than ever. At the tap of a finger, you can track, manage, and optimize your EV charging at any location, any time

2. Industry-Leading Environmental Resistance

Autel's residential charger is designed to fit with all elements of your life. Whether you're coming home from a dusty road trip, hosing down your vehicle for a sleek shine, or even just turning on the sprinklers in your garden, your charger will be safe and protected.
With industry-leading NEMA 4 protection, our products exceed the market standards for water and dust resistance, ensuring your charger stays clean and dry.

3. Optional RFID for Added Security

Your safety and security are always our highest priorities. With our optional RFID activation and Smartphone app, you can enable card access to prevent unauthorized use and keep your charger secure.


Connector Type: SAE J1772
Cable Length: 25' 
Maximum Current: 40Amps I 9.6kW
Input Cord: NEMA 14-50
Color: Dark Gray
Dimensions: 7.36"W x 13.23"H x 3.35"D
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4
Status Indication: LED/APP 

Package List:

1set x Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox Home 40A EV Charger

Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO II

Autel Software Subscription

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