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TPMS Sensor programming VS TPMS sensor Relearn

TPMS Sensor programming VS TPMS sensor Relearn

1.TPMS Sensor programming: just sensor programming, write the application code and ID on the sensor to the sensor by the TPMS Tool.

2.TPMS sensor Relearn: just sensor learning, or match the sensor to the car, customers like to say Reset TPMS,Reset TPMS ECU, TPMS ECU programming. Relearn the sensor ID and location to TPMS ECU of the car though TPMS Tool or By openning the learning mode Manually.

3.For the Autel Sensor, you must program the sensor before relean the sensor. And For Programming sensor, you must use Autel TPMS Tool to program the Autel Sensor, can not program other factory sensor.

4.For TPMS sensor Relearn, no sensor Limitation,you can use autel TPMS tool to relean any sensor you have, just do as the guide teach you.