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MaxiSys MS908P Customer Feedback and FAQs

MaxiSys MS908P Customer Feedback and FAQs

MaxiSys MS908P Scanner Customer Feedback

Diagnose Aston Martin Ford till 2016 year, work perfect
Encode diesel injectors
Support Volvo DPF
Support Benz BMW Programming (for doing bmw programming, it requires the customer to buy the bmw Ethernet cable for extra)

Q: Can MaxiSys MS908P program toyota models?
A: No, it can't.

Q: Can MaxiSys MS908P do online programming if the update period had been expired for 1 year??
A: No, it can't.
In normal , we offer MS908P with Free update online for 1 year.
After 1 year, if you need to use the online programming function, then you'd better buy the update service in advance.

Q: The Autel MaxiSys MS908P got error screen white issues, how to solve it?
A: That's because the customer change the default language, please change back to English language before use the device.