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Autel Products FAQ

Autel Products FAQ
1.Autel Maxicheck Pro can regeneration DPF or not ?
Yes, it can
2.Does Maxicheck Pro support Reset the PDF on Mercedes Benz B180 CDI from 2014 ?
No, it can not support
3.DS808 can support India Models Maruti,Mahendra ?
Yes, it can do
4.Does DS808 support obd1 with 16 pins from 95 camaro? Can I reset the angle position of power steering?
Sorry, it can not support
5.Does Autel Maxisys MS906 or DS808 can read fuel balance rate on each injector of the Duramax diesel lb7?
Yes, both can support
6.MD802 full system support reset the air bag lights on daewooevrolet from 2000 to 2008 or not ?
Yes, it can support
7.Which can work on 2003 Renault traffic 1.9 turbo diesel general engine management and fault diagnosis ?
Both MD802 and DS808 can do.
8.Does MD802 support Petrol and Diesel engines or not ?
Yes, it can do
9.Which device can detect and reset ABS, SRS light as well as general fault finding engine code, for petrol and diesel engines
Hello, MD802 can do, you can check it
10.Does Maxicheck Pro support control a forced DPF regeneration and reset "check system" status and error codes on a Honda Accord 2.2 litre i-DTEC 180ps
Yes, it can
11.I want to know if Maxisys Pro MS908 support GM,Ford and Chrysler BCM ECU ?
I am sorry, it can not work on it