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Autel Maxisys Mini MS905 Updating and Using Error Solution

As a senior user, I write this blog to share some available solutions to solve the errors when update and use Autel Maxisys Mini MS905
About update
Problem description:
The network connection is fine, but when going to update page, it says "Network not available, please check the network".
1 Enter Root Explorer/ mnt/ sdcard/ scan/ menu and check if there is "init.xml" file. If there is the file, just delete it. Then enter the menu again to make sure if it is deleted successfully.
2.If the network is still not available, please select the Maxisys icon on the main screen. Then hold it and move it to the top where you can see App info, force stop the process of Maxisys and clear the data. Then try to update again.
About Using
Problem description:
When I use the mini MS905, the error message "Unfortunately, maxisys has stopped" on the table.
Just try the following steps:
1 Connect Maxisys mini to PC via USB cable.
2 Turn on USB storage on the msxisys.
3 Wait for several seconds and turn off USB storage.
4 Restart the scanner and try again
More details, please check below: